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DescriptionMain features.1. Proportional pulse stimulation – the closer your dog gets to the boundary line, the greater the intensity of the vibration…

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Main features.1. Proportional pulse stimulation – the closer your dog gets to the boundary line, the greater the intensity of the vibration will be.2. Incremental tone stimulation – first a warning sound will be emitted, then a vibrating stimulus will be emitted if your dog continues to approach the boundary line.3. Variable range control – gives you better control over the range of the signal.4. Audible and visible wire damage indicator – when your buried wire is damaged, a loud warning sound will accompany the flashing light.5. Speed detectors – the faster your dog moves, the faster the intensity level emitted grows.6. Built-in lightning protector – when a lightning strike causes high voltage current to protect the converter.7. Multiple collar operation – can be added to all the animals you have, no animal control number limit.8. Range up to 5000 square meters (over 1.2 acres)Warning.Please take a few minutes to read the instruction manual carefully before your first use. To achieve the best results, follow these important rules.1, The electronic dog is only suitable for use on dogs.2 Low battery may cause intermittent operation. Please do not use it when you feel the power is low.3 When you start training let your dog get used to the collar first. You should let your dog accept the collar and treat her as a part of life.4 Do not let the collar receiver on your pet for more than 12 hours a day.5 Do not set the program randomly when the collar is on your dog.6 The electronic dog is only suitable for use under the supervision of the dog owner.7 Keep away from places where children can touch.8 Please read all instructions before using this product.Important Notes.Be aware that because every dog has a different personality, there is no way to know what your dog will reflect when exposed to the product. To ensure your dog’s safety, start training with a long leash to control your dog’s range of motion. Also be aware that aggressive animals may be hostile to the trainer when they receive stimuli, so if you think your dog has aggressive habits or a history of aggression, it is best to talk to a professional dog trainer before using this product.Part I: Introducing how to set up your fencing systemStep 1.Prepare a design for your fence range.A. Design and draw a diagram.Prepare a chart of the range you want to enclose your dog. A diagram will help you avoid some unpredictable obstacles. Include the location of the house, driveway, pond, garden, pool, etc. If your neighbors have also installed dog fences, note the location of their buried wires on your chart.B. Contact some companies that need them again.To mark some useful buried wires, contact some companies in your area. Make sure the buried wires have been marked on your drawings, because these useful wires will influence your layout of new wires.C. Determine the location of the wall emitter.The transmitter can be mounted on the wall close to the home 240V power supply with the screws already provided. It can withstand the cold, but not waterproof. Therefore, it is best to install the transmitter in an indoor area. Install the transmitter at least three feet away from some large metal objects such as circuit breakers, water heaters, metal car doors or things like washing machines and dryers. When installing the transmitter, make sure the wires are not broken or pinched by windows, doors or garage doors, etc. When cutting a hole, make sure no wires, nails or screws are within the area you are drilling.D. Determine your wiring from the transmitter to the exterior fence range.Because your transmitter must be installed inside to protect it from rain, consider where it should be installed for easy access to outside wiring, some open areas such as windows, doors and existing wiring holes may be more accessible to the outside. You may need to cut a hole to get through the wall.Step 2Draw a diagram of possible wiring.Mark on your diagram where the wires are proposed to be routed. This will give you a simple reference when you install the wiring. For the system to work properly, the wires must be in a continuous loop. The signal is transmitted from one end to the transmitter converter. It passes through the wire and back to the other terminals.Important considerations for laying out the wire.1, in any occasion the length of the wire can not be less than 15 meters, when the length of the wire is only more than 15 meters, do not turn the range control knob to the maximum degree. Otherwise it will burn the wall receiver (the knob to 1/3 when it is already the maximum). If you want to turn the knob to the maximum, the wire length must be longer than 100 meters. If you need to turn the knob to the maximum, if the required wire is shorter than 100 meters, the line into a double loop or even three loops can be safely run and make the line layout length more than 100 meters.2, do not lay out the loop with electronic, telephone, TV or other yard buried wire within two meter


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